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Do you need a professional website? Maybe help in designing a website? Do you need help showing your portfolio to the global community so they’ll want to access your e-commerce solutions? At interDesign Studios, we take the mystery out of website designing by laying out all the groundwork you need to have a compelling, yet beautiful website.

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If you need help in finding a server, we can do that. If you need help figuring out how to get your website up and running in a short amount of time, we can do that. If you want the most brilliant and amazing designs included with your new website, we can do that. We can even help you register your domain name if you need help with that.

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Our portfolio of work includes many of today’s most advanced design structures on the internet. Take a look today to see if our design ideas might be compatible with your branding ideas. If so, then let’s start the conversation today about how interDesign Studios can help take your brand to another level. We will analyse and check everything.



Specializing in professional web designing services for small business and individuals

We have the ability to create the perfect website that you need to promote your brand in today’s world. Our expertise lies in our ability to take cutting edge technology, fuse it with modern internet concepts, so that you get the internet marketing solutions you need.

Whether you need a complete syndication package to all of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, or you just need a simple landing page that effectively directs traffic to a specific location, we’ll help you find the success your brand needs.

Our pricing structure is one of the most competitive on the internet today

Maybe you need an e-commerce solution that is 0% maintenance and 100% effective at promoting your mission statement? Even if your budget isn’t very flexible, our website design specialists can find a way to get your brand the professional first impression you want for your targeted visitors.

We can even include the ability to host live webinars… if you’ve got something that you want for your business, just ask us. We can provide it quickly, affordably, and professionally.

Latest technologies and clean top notch coding

When it comes to professional website design, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with an original design for your brand from scratch. We can create a dynamic CMS website utilizing the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

We can add jQuery coding if you want the ability to display even more information in one location. We’ll do the search engine optimization work for you.

100% optimized and built from the ground up for mobile devices

Our web agency will even build your website for an optimized user experience on today’s mobile technologies with users on mobile devices in mind.

If you need a high quality website that won’t cost you your entire marketing budget line for an entire year, then interDesign Studios has the ability to drive your brand into the fast lane of success.




Sam Smith

Project Manager, SEO Webmaster and Sysadmin

Sam Smith spends a lot of his time tweaking the servers for a top notch performance. His passion is reading code, researching the latest services on the world wide web, and constantly looking for ways to improve some aspect of interDesign Studio99′s workflow. If you’ve got a support request for your professional website, you’ll most likely end up speaking with Sam himself! That’s because he believes that a personal touch on a professional brand is what helps to establish relationships in today’s e-commerce economy. Coffee is an important part of his life. When not at the office, he’s out running to unwind.


Chris Akoto

Microsoft Expert, Africa Continental Manager

Chris Akoto is the regional manager for Africa at interDesign Studio99. He is known for his serious and responsible approach to any website design task, whether that is an incredible introduction animation or a perfectly configured VPS for an E-Shop application. Chris works hard in order to excel in everything he does, which is why any brand or idea that is in his hands is likely to excel as well. He always looks to achieve the best results and will put in the extra work to make sure that you get the effective, professional website your business deserves.


Ilia Alexanderson

Webmaster, Graphic & UI Designer

Ilia Alexanderson has a keen eye for details and makes sure that every web design opportunity of which he is apart of is the absolute best design it could be. Capturing life as he sees it, Ilia excels at translating his unique perspectives on life into digital media. As a reliable source of critique and quality work, any e-commerce website design that Ilia has joined has a high probability of converting targeted visitors into customers at a rapid pace. When he’s not crafting a website design idea, you can often find Ilia volunteering his time to help someone in some way. He is responsible for a big part of the creative website design that is offered at interdesign Studio99.



Our hosting plans are very affordable! You won’t make your budget cry, nor will you compromise the quality of the website.


We use only the best website design tools to get your brand noticed. Our web developers will make sure you have a stable, professional website. It will be the difference that makes your site excel and make your job easier.


If you’ve got an issue, our staff will work quickly to resolve it. All regular queries are answered in the same business day, guaranteed!


If you need to get your business off the ground, we can help you develop the right campaign to do it. SEO, SEM, e-mail marketing, and social networking are just part of the services we can help to set up effectively.


Talk to us today about how we can help your charity reach more people with an affordable and effective website design and fundraising options.


Why let your competitor have your customers? We get your competition’s SEO and SEM data so that you get a plan that can help you equal or surpass their success. By knowing what works, we can build on that for you.




Are you operating an NGO, tax-exempt, or not-for-profit organization? If so, we would like the privilege of being able to help you reach out to help others more.

Depending on the unique circumstances of your charity, interDesign Studios might be able to provide you with a 100% discount on the cost of services required for your website development services.

Have a conversation with us at your convenience to see how we might be able to help you do more without having to spend more to do it.

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